National Smile Month

Posted on Wednesday 17th May 2017

It's national smile month and a New dental study reveals worrying public misconceptions regarding dental care in the North West - resulting in paying unnecessarily and avoiding a visit to the dentist.

The North West has been revealed as the most uniformed in the UK when it comes to understanding of dental care.

Dr Steve Williams is a Dental surgeon and member of the Association of Dental Groups he joins us to discuss the findings and how to get better oral health. Plus how to find out if your entitled to free or reduced dental costs.

National Smile Month - Key Findings

* More than 1 in 5 are unhappy with the dental care they receive

  • 10% of those in the North West admit to not visiting the dentist

* A third of the North West are unaware that those under 18 are exempt
from paying for dental treatment

  • * More than half incorrectly believe that people on a low income are
    exempt from paying for dental treatment

  • * 42% of the North West reveal that that they opt for private dental
    care because they believe they would have to wait too long for an NHS 
    appointment or they think access to an NHS appointment is impossible 
    in their area

  • * 16% of those who receive private dental care in the North West
    wrongly think that they aren't entitled to NHS care because they're 
    not on benefits

  • * Of those who don't currently receive any dental care in the North
    West, more than half think it's too expensive/they can't afford it.


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