A suffrage classic is celebrated 40 years on

Posted on Thursday 24th May 2018

A suffrage classic is celebrated 40 years on

On Thursday 14 June at 6pm the Library is delighted to welcome writer and historian Jill Liddington to mark the 40th anniversary of the publication of suffrage classic One Hand Tied Behind Us.  It is a tribute to the support of Library founders Eddie and Ruth Frow for the research of Jill and her co-author Jill Norris.  The event, which will take place at the Old Fire Station just down the road from the Library, also marks Vote 100, and is part of the Library’s project Voting for Change.


Jill reflects: ‘In 1974, I was living in London and mesmerised by the BBC TV drama series, Shoulder to Shoulder. It told the Votes for Women story through the eyes of the celebrated Pankhurst family.  By coincidence, I moved up to Manchester that autumn and went to live in Oldham. To my surprise and delight, I found out I was living in the house right next door to the mill where suffragette Annie Kenney had worked. That discovery set me on my suffrage journey ~ which I’ve followed over four decades. Soon I met Jill Norris who shared my sharp curiosity about who else campaigned in the Manchester region for Votes for Women. We determined to find out and, encouraged by Ruth and Eddie Frow, plunged into the suffrage archives in Manchester Central Library - then headed north to Lancashire’s cotton weaving towns to interview two elderly daughters of the campaigners we called the radical suffragists’.


The event is free, and copies of the book will be available for purchase.  The Library is most grateful to the University of Salford for hosting this event.

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