Baby buggy running group helps mums and dads stay fit and healthy in Salford

Posted on Thursday 15th November 2018

Baby buggy running group helps mums and dads stay fit and healthy in Salford

New parents in Salford are getting the chance to use specially adapted running

prams to socialise and stay healthy.


Many new parents will admint having a baby is a wounderful expereience, but it

can also be exhausting and develop anxiousness and feelings of loneliness and



To increase physical activity and get new parents socialisin, 'Buggy Movers' has been

set up in Salford funding by NHS Salford Clinical Comminssiong group, Lifecentre

and Salford CVS. Parents and carers are encouraged to walk and job along routes in

Salford with their babies and toddlers in prams. The Bouncing babies are safe inside

speically modified three wheeler prams with thick tyres and safety harnesses.


Buggy movers co-founder Rachel Morris said, ''We've got some lovely routes in different

parts of Salford. Its about the social aspect, getting together as well as improvements in

health and wellbeing, reducing isolation and all of those gret things that you really need when

you're a parent.


One of the mums Stacy Broad said, ''I lvoe it, its really food. Its gets me out, gets the baby

out and gets  us exercising. its great''


The Group meet at different locations across the city, including Langworthy cornerstone,

St Phillips Church and at SAYF on Cholmodeley Road.


If your interested in JOining the Buggy Movers, follow the group on facebook

just type in 'Buggy Movers'





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