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Drive with Kaleidoscope

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Drive with Kaleidoscope

Interviews and news from the entertainment world in and around Salford.


Salford born Co-ordinator of Twisted Ear Productions, Salford City Radio's own Drama Production Company. I've been working with the team here for over seven years.

I spent so much time on 'The Legges' show on a Friday afternoon bringing my guests in, that I was given my own show.

As the name Kaleidoscope suggests, the items on this show come in all shapes and sizes. It's primarily an entertainment focused show with lots of great guest interviews.

Over the years I've been lucky to interview hundreds of guests including D'Arth Vader, Tommy Steele, Tommy Walsh, Rhydian, The Osmonds, Les McKeown, Jeff Banks, Maureen Nolan, Jeff Wayne, Chris Steele, Hilary Jones, Helen Lederer, Lucy Porter, Theo Paphitis and many, many more...

Hear what's on in and around the local area at the theatre, fun facts and information, and the odd Jill's Jem. Be prepared to be surprised...

In a good way!


Lucy Dusgate, Programme Manager, Quays Culture

Posted on Sunday 20th October 2013

This Tuesday 22nd October, Lucy will be in the studio talking to us about the latest open weekend coming up at the Quays on 26th/27th October. She'll tell us what's on and how to get behind the scenes at Media City UK.

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