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Lucy Dusgate, Programme Manager, Quays Culture

Posted on Sunday 20th October 2013

This Tuesday 22nd October, Lucy will be in the studio talking to us about the latest open weekend coming up at the Quays on 26th/27th October. She'll tell us what's on and how to get behind the scenes at Media City UK.

Georgina Perry, Steerage and 24/7 Theatre festival

Posted on Friday 24th June 2011

Georgina Perry talks to us about her journey as a writer. An original member of Salford City Radio's own Twisted Ear Productions, Georgina has her play Steerage showing as one of only thirteen plays put forward for this years Manchester 24/7 Theatre Festival 23rd-29th July. Steerage will be performed in Manchester's prestigious Midland hotel.

Steerage is set inside a cargo ship container bound for England where ten-year-old Immy and her teenage brother Zead are on their final leg of their journey to safety.

Thousands of miles from home with nothing but a torch and each other, they soon discover they are not alone: two strangers travel with them. As tension heightens, Immy retreats into an imaginary world for protection and the children need to do what they can to survive until they reach their destination.

Show times:
Sunday 24th July - 7.30pm
Monday 25th July - 12.30pm
Tuesday 26th July - 9pm
Wednesday 27th July - 7.30pm
Thursday 28th July - 12.30pm
Friday 29th July - 7.30pm

Tickets £8/£6

Book tickets at the 24:7 website:

Sheila Reeves Rigby & Ronald Botham talk about Angels

Posted on Friday 24th June 2011

Sheila Reeves Rigby Author of Life's Mysteries - Your Key To Understanding,has spent fifty years studying many fascinating subjects, from Astrology to Astral Travel. She discusses the subject of Angels and Ronald Botham recounts a real life experience he himself had with an Angel as a child.

La Sallian Restaurant

Posted on Friday 24th June 2011

Interview at La Sallian Restaurant, Weate Lane Salford at the celebration of the Love food Hate Waste  Campaign.

Sam from Ministry of Craft

Posted on Friday 24th June 2011

Ministry of Craft launch Manchester’s first Sewing Café. 

With Internet Cafés virtually a thing of the past, Ministry of Craft are urging customers to swap surfing for stitching and come and use one of their Janome sewing machines  - which will be available to rent by the hour from May. 


The idea of sewing cafés originated in Paris, where stylish Parisians, desperate to customise their own clothes, flocked to the first Couture Cafés to drink coffee and revamp their wardrobes.  Now catching on in London and all around the UK, the idea is sure to appeal to creative locals.

Sam from the Ministry of Craft comes in to tell us all about it.

Check out the website


Jo Lewis Picture Show 3rd May

Posted on Friday 24th June 2011

Jo Lewis singer song writer sings live on Kaleidoscope, tracks for her CD Picture Show. Jo has a great voice, really soulful. Some great numbers, my particular favorite is Grizzly In My Bed. Jo will feature in the next Musical Menagerie Fundraising evening for salford City Radio on Friday 9th September at Swinton British Legion.

Check her out on myspace


Salford Link Project

Posted on Friday 24th June 2011

A group of people from Salford Link Project join me to raise awareness of the project by giving an insight into the work that they do. The project has been running for 20 years, and they continue to welcome new members. As well as providing a translation service to people from many backgrounds, they have a Day Centre for older adults, and they arrange lots of trips out and other social activities.They are looking to attract some more young people to join them in array of activities. They have a great football team, and are looking for some sponsors. They are happy for people to sponsor on an individual basis for smaller items to make it more affordable and accessible.  

Alan Hopewell, Swinton Allergy Clinic, and Alex Moran Black Jack

Posted on Friday 24th June 2011

Alan Hopewell, allergy expert from Swinton Allergy Clinic, moorside Road joins me to discuss common allergies and how many of these can be easily managed once diagnosed.

 Also, Alex Moran, discussed his next production 'Black Jack' on at Studio Salford. 

Wayne Lomas Folk Singer from Swinton

Posted on Friday 24th June 2011

Wayne, a reular at the Folk Club at the White Horse in Swinton,( who meet on Monday nights), plays live in the studio. Wayne will also feature in the next Musical Menagerie line up at Swinton British Legion on Friday September 9th.


Posted on Friday 24th June 2011

Interview with Heather from CBBC. New series I Want My Own Room which will give children the opportunity to create their own special space within their own home, with a design team. Heather is looking for children from Salford who may like the chance to be involved in this very exciting project.

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