Rob Bulman - 6pm

Rob Bulman - 6pm

Saturday 6.00pm - 7.00pm


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Rob Bulman - 6pm

Retrospective celebration of the last 30 years of dance music

Dance-floor music Disc Jokey 

Rob has been DJing on our station since 2008 and plays a wide range of dance-floor goodies ranging from early 80's New York boogie and electro to the modern house, breakbeat and techno music and everything in between. His Saturday 'in the mix' show is a non-stop mix of new release underground club tracks with the occasional hidden gem thrown in. The Friday show is more eclectic and often a more relaxed pace with plenty of break-beats tunes. Rob will often have interviews with various luminaries and hipsters from the Greater Manchester dance music scene on the show giving a local flavour to his excellent shows.
Interesting fact; Rob is also resident broadcaster for Manchester Music Live
Aimed at anyone who loves to shuffle their feet or raise their hands to a tune, Rob's shows have the been the mainstay of 94.4FM Salford City Radio's weekend evening output and so if you are not going out, you can still here those underground dance-floor fillers by tuning in every Friday and Saturday at 10pm


Classic Vocals 1987 - 92

Posted on Saturday 6th November 2010

October 30 & November 6th 2010


This is a two shows delve into the classic vocal tracks of the time period of 1987 - 1992, the early beginnings of house and gargage.

The shows are dominated by the productions of David's Clivilies and Cole and the remix work of Steve 'silk' Hurley with a few classic Frankie Knuckles efforts thrown in too.

All 4 of these dance music heavyweights had origins in the days of boogie and disco and they are all from the good ol' USA. No strangers to the charts either it was as if they knew exactly what pushed the buttons of the dancing, the radio lstening and the buying public.

The show also features some of the most famous tracks on the house scene ever! Tracks like Ce Ce Rogers's "Someday", Sterling Void's "It's Alright", Raze's "Break for Love" and Knuckles' "tears" I make no apology for this they fit right in and even after nearly 25 years and hundreds and hundreds of listens these tracks still sound good.


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