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Classic Vocals 1987 - 92

Posted on Saturday 6th November 2010

October 30 & November 6th 2010


This is a two shows delve into the classic vocal tracks of the time period of 1987 - 1992, the early beginnings of house and gargage.

The shows are dominated by the productions of David's Clivilies and Cole and the remix work of Steve 'silk' Hurley with a few classic Frankie Knuckles efforts thrown in too.

All 4 of these dance music heavyweights had origins in the days of boogie and disco and they are all from the good ol' USA. No strangers to the charts either it was as if they knew exactly what pushed the buttons of the dancing, the radio lstening and the buying public.

The show also features some of the most famous tracks on the house scene ever! Tracks like Ce Ce Rogers's "Someday", Sterling Void's "It's Alright", Raze's "Break for Love" and Knuckles' "tears" I make no apology for this they fit right in and even after nearly 25 years and hundreds and hundreds of listens these tracks still sound good.


Kerri Chandler Pt3

Posted on Saturday 23rd October 2010

23rd October 2010 - Kerri Chandler Pt 3

Kerri Chandler the king of the garage bassline, fusing garage rhythms, gospel vocals and samples and latin influences, all wrapped up with killer signature basslines is the focus of this weeks show.

The prolific New Yorker has been on the dance music scene for 20 years now and tonight we feature part 3 of our tribute to him, the first was an Ibidan records special, the second featured various tracks as this show does mainly from labels like King St, Bassmental and Downtown 161 Records

It's time to get all New York on you and head nod your way through the weekend - Enjoy!

UK House Pt 3

Posted on Saturday 16th October 2010

October 16th 2010 - UK House part 2


Focussing on the underground vibes of the late 90's and the diverse and retro sounding production that were coming out of the UK this week. The likes of Z recordings, Soma, Nu-Phonic and Pagan to name but a few and producers like Diesel, Charles Webster and Matthew Herbert experimenting with sound and technique to create unique and out there dance moments.

Have a listen as the show is a cracker!



Detroit Techno Special Part 1

Posted on Monday 11th October 2010

9th October 2010

Detroit has been home to many major music movements be it the blues, new wave, motown or techno the place is special and has it's own place in the history of music.

Tonight's show is a compliment to some of the other specialist shows we have featured this year; Derreck May; Carl Craig; UR; Kevin Saunderson. Paying homage to some of the unsung heroes like Stacey Pullen, Kenny Larkin, James Pennington and Ritchie Hawtin the show is a power packed techno driven mix of astral symphonies and complex track-work. Sounding great on both the radio and on a sound system. I recommend you turn it up.

Disco Part 2

Posted on Monday 11th October 2010

25th September 2010 - Disco Special Pt 2


This weeks show is part 2 of a Disco special featuring tracks by Ashford and Simpson, James Mason, Inner Life, Stone, Visual and Dinasaur to name but a few. Taking the show back to the early 80's with great music from labels Salsoul, Prelude and Westend. Tonight I bring you a little bit of New York history - Enjoy

18th September 2010 - Musto & Simonelli

Posted on Monday 11th October 2010

THis weeks show is dedicated to the productions of misters Tommy Musto and Victor Simonelli some of Brooklyn's finest house and garage music makers, featuring many tracks from Sub-Urban records, Bassline and King Street

Strictly Rhythm Classics

Posted on Monday 11th October 2010

2nd October 2010 - Strictly Rhythm Classics

Probably the most influential house music label of all time breaking producers such as Roger Sanchez, DJ Piere, Erick Morillo, Armand Van Helden and being a major vehicle in the sucess stories of Masters at Work and Todd Terry.

Tonight we give you a super slammin mix on non-stop US house action, one to really get the dancing slippers out to and have a good wave to - enjoy

European Techno

Posted on Saturday 11th September 2010

Rob in the Mix 11/09/2010 - European Techno

The B-Sides remixes produced by Frank De Wulf were released in 1990 on Belgium's MusicMan Records they featured a track called the Tape - De Wulf's remix became a massive club hit across the water in the UK, weeks later D-Shake released - Yaaahhh on Holland's Go Bang records and this track entered the UK chart top 10. The Northern Europeans had arrived on the dance scene and with a harder, tougher, rougher type of sound - The sound of European Techno.

This weeks show is dedicated to European Techno featuring seminal labels like Djax and Go Bang from the Netherlands; Musicman, R&S and Dance Opeara from Belgium, Suck me plasma from Germany and the sound of Laurent Garnier. But it could have featured many more so popular and long lsting has the the European Techno sound become, with it's origins in the Belgian New Beat scene and the UK Acid House scene it difers to some extent from the introspective Detroit sound by being much more open to ideas and is firmly based in keeping people on the dancefloor.

By 1991 European Techno sounds were dominating the European charts with tracks by T99, Cubic 22 and  Humanizer. From it spawned the trance scene of Germany and the gabba scene of Holland and some of the labels may have gone but the sound has still continued to be popular

Enjoy xox



Posted on Saturday 4th September 2010

Rob B in the mix 04/09/2010 Legends of the dancefloor - MURK

Two Cuban American's Ralph Falcon and Oscar Gaeten living in the sunshine city of Miami in the very early 90's decided they wanted to put some funk into the house music that surrounded them. The result was MURK and tonight's show looks at their body of work that propelled them from being obscure independent house misfits into being globally recognised music producer commanding 5 figure fees for work.

Going under aliases such as the Fog, Liberty City and Funky Green Dogs from Outer Space as well as MURK productions, these two house producers created a body of work that soon made people's heads turn. With unique funky stabs and baselines and crowd pleasing anthems such as "Reach for me" by Funky Green Dogs remix work started to role in too.

On their own labels MURK records and on local labels like Miami Soul the duo created some of the most long lasting underground tracks of the 90's and although of late have produced very little together the songs have stood the test of time well.

Have a listen for yourself to tracks like 'that's what i got' and 'been a long time' and tell me otherwise.

Enjoy! xox

Warehouse Rave

Posted on Saturday 28th August 2010

Show 28th August 2010

The Warehouse rave scene of late 1989 going into 1990 really marked the end of 'Acid-House' and in particular was the first marker of the UK techno scene and the emerging UK breakbeat scene, with labels like Essex's optimism, Leeds' basic, Luton's chill records and of course the seminal Warp Records out of Sheffield leading the way

Influenced by the sounds of Detroit techno but with the desire to imprint a indentifiable UK sound to the music these were truely halcyon days for UK dance if not a bit niave. Have a listen to Ital Rockers - Ital Anthem or Testone by Sweet Exorcist as simple but effective tracks as you are likely to here.

By 1991 the styles and genres of the scene had started to fragment. The techno artist increasingly getting more introspective, the ravers noisier and the breakbeats more tougher and ragga influenced. In 1990 there was little Noth-South divide in terms of sound, fashion and direction but this had changed by 1991 and this week show relates to a unique and short lived point in time in the story of dance music.

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